October 26, 2002

The Ceremony · After the Wedding · The Reception
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We promised each other we'd be good about "the feeding of the cake." No smashey-face. The cutting of the cake. Even on my wedding day, I can't pass up a good shot (it's the next one in this series). This is the shot I couldn't pass up, as seen in the previous image. The official garter removal. This garter was the one my mother wore on her wedding day in 1950. A good son always returns his mom's garter after his bride is done with it. This is one of my favorite photos from the whole day. Shot by Marti Griffen. Relaxing at the reception with some champagne. More champagne (in every picture taken at the reception, Susan has a glass in her hand). The Official First Toast. The 52 year old garter. My sister using my Nikon 990. She did an excellent job. For a girl. The food we didn't get to eat at the reception. No more photos, please!!! The throwing of the rice. My bride looks like she's finally realized just what she's done (but the look was really caused by a big burst of rice in the previous frame). Already, it begins.... Off to Honeymoon!
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