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1988 Democratic National Convention
NOTE: The image titles used in this section derive from their original "exhibition" in a Push Pin show done at the Atlanta Photography Gallery during the Convention itself, and a later juried exhibition of that work at the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.
15k-Cops on Harleys"Harley Davidson: Official Sponsor of the 1988 DNC"

Well, maybe it just seemed that way, as the Atlanta PD shows here in their precision parking drill.

15k-Two Worlds

"Two Worlds"

At times, the convention seemed neatly divided, at least visually. Those who made the policies, and those affected by them.
11k-Weird Willard"Willard gets Weird"

About 10p.m. the night of the nomination, the fire marshall closed the door to any more people. About a thousand people, including many "dignitaries" were caught outside. Among them was Willard Scott. He started egging the crowd on; "Are y'all mad?", "YEAH", "Want to know what to do about it?" "YEAH", "Vote Republican!"
11k-The Ticket Looks Smug

"The Ticket Looks Smug"

It's easy to forget, given what we now know. But at the time this picture was taken, the Dukakis-Bentsen ticket led George Bush by almost 20 points in the polls in August 1988. It's amazing what a few months and one Abrams tank can do.
12k-Dukasis' daughter "So Proud of her Father"

In this moment during the first moments after Dukakis' acceptance speech, everyone on stage seems off in their own moment of celebration. With one exception.
12k-Future of Party?

"The Future of the Party?"

At 1 a.m., this child seemed to have considerably more energy than her dad. I hope that bodes well for the future.

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Road Trips
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