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1988 Democratic National Convention
NOTE: The image titles used in this section derive from their original "exhibition" in a Push Pin show done at the Atlanta Photography Gallery during the Convention itself, and a later juried exhibition of that work at the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.
Despite the obvious sincerity of my intentions, evidenced by my forsaking paid employment for the week the Convention was in town, the Powers That Be (like the Secret Service) were not impressed enough to let me in, although I did finally get credentials for the closing night.
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13k-Welcoming Democrats....Not!

But for most of the time, I was limited to photographing only in areas that were publicly accessible (which was excellent training for my later Olympics experience). Just across the street from the Omni, where the convention itself was taking place, was the Designated Protest Area. Here, humans of all persuasions lobbied their agendas, in sometimes amusing ways. The man at left, with his little hand scrawled cardboard sign reading "I do not welcome the democrats," appears to have cleared the place.

14k---God Is A Republican

".....and Jesus is a LaRouchian"

The original title for this piece sounds a bit dated and obscure now. In the hot July sun, I watched this guy for about 20 minutes, and while I assume he was breathing, and maybe even blinking now and then, he otherwise...did...not...move. At all...

15k-Birdman "The Birdman & The Duke of Death"

The folks holding the "Duke of Death" banner are the genesis of Operation Rescue. More on that later....

The Birdman, well, he had his own rap going, "The Democratic Bird cain't fly with just one wing. Gotta have a left wing and a right wing, too. Gotta work together." He made as much sense as anybody that week.

13k-Dave Barry Incognito

"Society for the Preservation of Dubious Protests"

I found out later from one of his columns, this is Dave Barry, author and syndicated columnist for the Miami Herald. He and one of his fellow members of the press were bored by the lack of news activity (it was a quite predictable convention), and amused by the efforts of their brethren to find *something* interesting. So, they decided to dress up as boxheads, with "Do Not Disturb" door hangers around their neck instead of credentials, and pass out their manifesto (no, I didn't get one), just to see what fools would point their cameras at them. Fool # 236 present, and accounted for.

13k-Mimes Can Talk!

"Convention News: Mimes Can Talk!"

These folks pushed the mime envelope. #1, they engaged in no traditional mime activity (trapped in a box, imitating irritated passerby, etc.), and #2, the guy not only talked, he SCREAMED! So much so, he had virtually lost his voice. An everyday example of karma: if you dress up as a mime to further your political cause and/or makeup fetish, the Gods of Irony may give you laryngitis.

14k-Stop Making Sense parade

"Stop Making Sense Parade 7/21/88"


I really don't know what to say. I think the photo, and the title (their name for their own parade) pretty much say it all....

13k-Operation Rescue

"Shock Tactics"

Operation Rescue, the anti-abortion movement headed at the time by Randall Terry, chose this Convention to expose themselves to the world. In this case, they introduce themselves to members of The Children's Press by holding out what they claim was an aborted fetus found in the dumpster of some hospital. A fine How-Do-You-Do....

Click the smiling tank driver for more photos. 2k-tankdriver

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Road Trips
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