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Road Trips
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Over the years I've been interested in photography, for whatever reason, I've been drawn to "covering" events or places, for lack of a better way to put it. In addition to my natural proclivity towards recording things that capture my eye, I also enjoy observational writing. The World Wide Web has given me a way to not only combine the two, but also afflict the masses with the result.

I think it's what I do best. Judge for yourself below.

Mile High Road Trip

Come along on a Mile High Road Trip, as middle aged men brave the skies of North Georgia in the name of, um, killing a Saturday.

ISP Road Trip
Connecting to the Internet is a semi-transparent mystery to most of us. Find out "How You Got Where You Went Today" by taking an I.S.P. Road Trip. It's your chance to "see the machines."

Red Rock Road Trip

In September of 1997, I traveled to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Antelope Canyon, three great photographic icons. The result is Red Rock Road Trip, with over a hundred photos spread over a dozen pages.

1988 Democratic National Convention

When the Democratic National Convention (2 pages, 13 images) came to town in 1988, I took a week off of work so I could "cover" the going's-on. Not on paid assignment, but on self-assignment. I learned a lot, and got some pretty goofy pictures.

1996 Olympics

Perhaps the ultimate example of this type of work is available by clicking the Olympics link found on each page. You'll find a non-journalistic (or possibly gonzo journalistic) diary of what happened to me when the Centennial Olympics showed up in my back yard, presented as it was placed online during the Games themselves. It was a paradigm shift for me, and (unintentionally) the first site of its type on the web.

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Road Trips
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