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December 29, 2003

“I will do whatever the Americans want, because I saw what happened in Iraq, and I was afraid.”
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“I hear that one of Saddam’s main torture techniques involved giving the victim a standard medical exam and then showing it on TV.”
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“I know why women don’t play football. Because they’re always telling how much the players weigh.”
Susan Stott
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“Lord. Have. Mercy. Miss Savannah shot up her boyfriend for seeing another woman. I’m telling you. Don’t mess with southern girls.”
Kelley, Southern Girl
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“The human race is faced with a cruel choice: work or daytime television.”

December 17, 2003

“I like open minds, and I think in Washington right now, we might as well start painting those people red and blue.”
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December 14, 2003

“When I saw Saddam’s long beard, how he looked like a defeated man, it reminded me of the two years I spent in jail, how his agents tortured me in every way you could imagine.”
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“They think America is the same country that withdrew from regions where it incurred heavy casualties, such as Vietnam, Beirut in 1982, and Somalia. They refuse to see the recent history of the US in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and in the war to liberate Kuwait. Americans weren’t fazed by suicide bombings. Trucks laden with deadly bombs and driven by suicide bombers failed to scare them. Instead, such attempts have steeled their resolve to accomplish their mission in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places.”
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“The only real radicalism in our time will come as it always has - from people who insist on thinking for themselves and who reject party-mindedness.”
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“I vow that as long as there are imaginary treaties signed by pretend delegates to create hypothetical peace, this fake news show will be there to cover it.”
John Stewart, on the Geneva Accords
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December 09, 2003

“In the last three years we’ve had the biggest farm bill, the biggest education bill, the biggest foreign aid bill and now the biggest health care bill in 30 years. There’s now not any pretense that Bush is committed to smaller government.”
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“I am very proud of what [Operation Iraqi Freedom commander Gen.] Tommy Franks did -- up to the moment of deciding how to transfer power to the Iraqis. Then, we go off a cliff.”
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“I daresay that if you challenge a Dean position or a quote from the candidate in the comments section of a Dean-leaning blog -- or if you challenge Bush in a Bush-leaning blog -- you won’t get a spirited defense. You’ll get called names, accused of apostasy, and treated to a shrill listing of the other’s guy’s defective positions.”
“My experience with cellphone companies, airlines, and Internet providers has been so overwhelmingly dominated by ‘mistakes’ that I can’t believe that it amounts to anything less than an insidious new business model developed to prey upon busy lives.”
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December 06, 2003

“The way to defeat Bush is not to advertise how much you hate him. Hard-core ideologues who hate Bush are not going to decide this election. They’ll vote for the Democrat, as they do every four years, but there aren’t enough of them to elect a Democrat. You need swing voters to do that. Hatred may motivate the left to contribute money, but it is hardly an effective talking point for public consumption if you want to win elections.”
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“These responses range from the peevish to the dyspeptic, from the merely cynical to the near-psychotic. Bush is increasingly fortunate to have such people as his enemies, because their demented anger continues to seep into mainstream Democratic Party discourse and threatens to make all anti-Bush rhetoric seem like the ravings of a bunch of lunatics. That happened during the Clinton years, and it’s happening now.”
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“Some argue that Mr. Rumsfeld has ill served the president. We claimed victory in the initial war intervention. Our adversaries, however, haven’t seen themselves as defeated. Mr. Rumsfeld’s critics feel that he dug in his heels and inadequately resourced the campaign’s opening phase. In my judgment, the manner in which we intervened, and ended the regime, has been a major source of our subsequent problems. It’s not enough to achieve victory -- which we did; you’ve got to achieve a situation in which your adversary recognizes that he’s been defeated, and that violent resistance is futile -- which we didn’t.”
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December 01, 2003

“Congress is now spending money like a drunken sailor. And I’ve never known a sailor drunk or sober with the imagination that this Congress has.”
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“You ask me not to feel gratitude to those who set me free, ask for what is more realistic. I say it with all my heart: may Allah bless America, UK, Italy, Spain, Australia, Poland and Ukraine. For through the sacrifices of their sons and daughters on this land, smile has found it’s way to our faces.”
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“And now, according to an increasingly common view, George W. Bush has had the same effect on his political enemies that Bill Clinton had on his. He has driven them crazy; the nuthouse lately vacated by the Clinton-haters has suddenly filled with Bush-haters.”
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“To accomplish the simplest tasks, we first must build the policies and procedures, within both the Iraqi Ministries and the CPA, from scratch. There is no baseline or framework from which to start as the old regime made up rules as they went along, and those rules were made to benefit them, not to establish policy or procedures. So our requirements are do the Harder Right, not the Easier Wrong.”
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