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April 21, 2003

“’You were a bit flat there, Peter,’ he said. Again, I was astonished. The president of CNN was telling me I seemed less-than-enthusiastic reading Saddam Hussein’s propaganda.”
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“But as Iraq’s cities burn and its patrimony is hustled off into the black market and its women wail and the rape gangs rule the night, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that we’ve lost this war as well.”
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“My father wants to go down in history. There is nothing in my heart towards my father, not any love or kindness. In the end I ask God to keep this house safe.”
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“Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.”
Herbert Hoover

April 12, 2003

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”
Mahatma Gandhi
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“Of course troubles may come tomorrow, and of course there are still dangers. But anyone whose heart does not lift from seeing the jubilation of the Iraqis at the overthrow of a hated tyrant is a cold, cold person.”
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“It reminds me why ‘comedy’ used to be synonymous with ‘anti-conservative.’ We were funny, and they weren’t. That’s certainly changed a bit. Now there’s nothing more tiresome and annoying than a leftist, while the dreaded neo-cons and centrists get the laughs because the left is so target-rich: old hippies, idiot actors, ANSWER, Michael Moore, ‘nude for peace,’ Martin Sheen, etc. Never have so many fish crowded the barrel.”
“There is nothing like a cantankerous old man who takes a hey-you-kids-get-off-my-lawn approach to foreign policy. The guy’s literally just like a drunk swinging a broken bottle at people. ‘Hey, Netherlands, you looking at me?’”
Jon Stewart, on Donald Rumsfeld
“It reminded me again of an interview I heard a few weeks ago with the CEO of some big Middle-eastern Internet company; he said that Arabs hate the US because of the oppressive governments we support. The host asked if people were pleased when the Taliban was deposed, and he said of course not - the US was attacking a Muslim nation!”
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April 07, 2003

“Stay home. You are safe. I am here, the U.S. forces are here.”
Khuder Al-Emeri, to his son Ali, whom he’d not seen in 12 years
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“They can scream and shout about the Great Satan, the big cowboy and his pal the Yankee Poodle. They can sit on their spreading bottoms in the coffee shops of the Middle East, vowing to get up quite soon - really quite soon, honest - and embrace martyrdom to help their Iraqi brothers defeat the Western dogs. But this fact remains - the British and American troops are not slaughtering the Iraqi people, they are setting them free. Saddam Hussein is going down in history as one of the greatest tormentors of his own people that the world has ever seen.”
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“Suicide bombers, armies of boys - took Tojo and Hitler five years to get to that point. Took Saddam two weeks.”
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“Iraq will not be defeated. Iraq has now already achieved victory - apart from some technicalities.”
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“I do believe this city is freakin’ ours.”
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April 06, 2003

“He’s going to wake up every day for the rest of his life, and he’s going to tell us how he hates everything about this country except his right to hate it. And then we say that we love it and he’s going to tell us what naive sheep we are and that he’s the true patriot because he hates it and he sees all the problems in it. Yeah, right, Mike. You know something, if my yawn got any bigger they’d have to assign it a hurricane name, okay? Michael Moore simultaneously represents everything I detest in a human being and everything I feel obligated to defend in an American. Quite simply, it is that stupid moron’s right to be that utterly, completely wrong.”
Dennis Miller
“When the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, told the United Nations that Iraq posed a threat in part because of its links to terrorist groups he was ridiculed. It was just a desperate ploy, said the cynics, to draw a link between Saddam and September 11. So much for the cynics. It is clear now that militant Islamic terrorist mercenaries have been pouring into Iraq for some time, ready for a showdown.”
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“To Westerners here who have kept abreast of the military situation by satellite telephone links to the outside world, the situation appeared to confirm, ever more strongly, that the rigidities of the system built by Saddam Hussein have become a debilitating handicap to Iraq’s ability to confront American power. After years of unquestioning fealty, senior Iraqi officials seemed unwilling to provide any interpretation of military events that might prejudice Mr. Hussein’s claim to invincibility.”
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“Give it up, dude. This is the Internet -- and now we can fact-check your ass from a satellite 22,400 miles high.”
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“We want you nervous. We want you to realize now, for the fourth time in a hundred years, this country and its allies are on the march and that we are on the side of those whom you -- the Mubaraks, the Saudi Royal family -- most fear: We’re on the side of your own people.”
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April 02, 2003

“The mystery is why the Iraqis left the RG [Republican Guard] in defensive positions so far south of Baghdad. They must have known from Desert Storm what our air power could do. I can only assume that Saddam Hussein was worried about the loyalty of the RG if he pulled them back into the city. His priority has always been the survival of his own regime rather than the survival of his troops.”
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“Fox News, meanwhile, has become like Voice of America with prettier anchors.”
“There is something inherently unsettling about a news organization that will hire a contract employee to take risks it will not let its own employees face, as ABC did when it took out its correspondents and drew up a contract with a young freelance reporter, Richard Engel. NBC’s ambiguous relationship with Mr. Arnett was even more disturbing.”
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“What will the Europeans say as the tormented people of Iraq begin to awake and tell their tales? The Europeans will sigh, briefly, then have a pleasant lunch.”
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