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  Photographers are hell to travel with. We have a different idea of "vacation schedule." We want to be up, and in a good shooting location for sunrise, and same deal for sunset. If you get somewhere beautiful, but the light isn't quite right, you wait, or come back later. You're willing to literally spend two hours of a vacation in a junkyard, if it is a visually unique one.

Most people go on vacation....to get away from their work. Me, I take all my 35mm gear, and would be absolutely lost on a trip without it. As a matter of fact, I often spend as much money on film and processing as I do on the trip itself. Call me crazy, but you get to benefit, via the JPG tour of the places below....

  • Yosemite, first and foremost, the closest thing to heaven I've ever seen (16 images, on two pages).
  • Bodie (9 images), a ghost town in central California, near the Nevada border.
  • Mono Lake (9 images), just south of Bodie is this lake, with its famous tufa formations.
  • The Valley of Fire (8 images), a state park about an hour east of Las Vegas, including my first encounter with an arch....

In addition to the above, you'll find over a hundred photos from the American Southwest in my site, Red Rock Road Trip. Specifically, you can visit:


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