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  The word "Portfolio" is so broad, but then again, so is this section. I'm the type of photographer who likes to shoot everything, and I do. In order to organize this mountain of JPG's, I've placed the actual by -gum -sumbuddy- paid -me -for -this -shots into one pile ("Commercial Work"), and the rest of the random images are divided into the terribly uncreative categories of People, Places, and Things. But it works.....Surf On....  

People (3kb) people sample (6kb) A collection of people I have known (or at least shot) over the past decade or more....
Places (3kb) places sample (6kb) Whenever I travel, I end up spending as much on film & processing as I do on the travel itself. These are some of the places  I left my money, and brought back photos.
Things (3kb) things sample (6kb) "Wow, Things is such vague broad term, it could be anything!"
It is....
Work (3kb) work sample (6kb) This section is a more traditional sampling of my commercial work, offered as finite evidence that some people actually *pay* me to do this....

  Below you'll find a few image series I've done over the years, that I've preserved here for one reason or another.  
The Civil War has fascinated me since I was quite young, and I've always been a "student" of it. Over a period of nine years, I photographed several re-enactments and encampments, usually from the sidelines.

But once, I was lucky enough to actually don a uniform, and get in the lines along with 4,000 others who were re-enacting the Battle of Atlanta. The resulting series of images were my initial inspiration to create an online gallery.

Civil War Series
Self Portrait They are presented on three pages, to be viewed in sequence:
[1] The Civil War Series: Preparations (7 images)
[2] The Civil War Series: Cavalry & Artillery (8 images)
[3] The Civil War Series: The Battle (12 images)
Sometimes you just open your shutter, and Mother Nature makes art. Such was the case on July 19, 1998, when a hellacious lighting storm passed through the Atlanta area. Since the storm was miles away and there was no rain, I stepped out onto my balcony and got these six shots. Atlanta Lightning Storm
Fuji's Feline TourTake Fuji's Feline Tour, my original web site, born April 14, 1996 about two months after I got my first computer. This crude example of web design appears as if it might have been painted on some prehistoric cave wall. It has mostly been left in its original primitive form for sentimental reasons, and to keep me humble. Mix one photo of the Statue of Liberty replica in Birmingham, Alabama (featuring a real flame), with equal parts of public documents like the Declaration of Independence, and you've got an instant Lady Liberty.
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