Pixel Pile #1203: Macro Play 3

If you'd like to buy a print of this image, it may already be on sale at PhotoDude Labs. If it isn't, e-mail me to have it added.

Peanut Gallery: 2 COMMENTS
I really like your stuff. Are you shooting digital or film?
Posted by [Deborah Malveaux] @ 04:37 PM EST, 01.28.03
Thanks, Deborah. All 1200+ Pixel Piles are shot digitally (though things like Red Rock Road Trip and the Olympics were film). The first 1,190 were shot with a Nikon 990, and #1191 though now have been shot with my brand spankin' new Canon D60.

Film is for clients.
Posted by [PhotoDude] @ 08:30 PM EST, 01.28.03

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