Freezer Phenomenon #3

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Pixel Pile#251: Freezer Phenomenon #3

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A plea for help has been made to solve the mystery of these ice stalagmites. We're now officially scared. Read more here, and add your explanation/comments on that page, or below.

Peanut Gallery: 7 COMMENTS

Susan said....
I think it's a poltergeist! The ice gods are angry............ I'm suprised they havn't melted!
Posted by [Susan] @ 12:57 AM EST, 02.13.01
PhotoDude said....
No, I will not accept paranormal explanations. There's a law of physics being bent or warped here, and it ain't no ghost doin' it.
Posted by [PhotoDude] @ 07:17 PM EST, 02.13.01
El Burro said....
I thin' it's rainin' in yer freezer, man. What is causin' it is you drink too much a that mountain dew stuff and you keep makin' ice for more 'n the freezer keeps workin' an' the dewpoint starts gettin' up there 'n nex' thin' you know, you got rain. & i's too cold to rain & snow, so you get stalagmites. The same thin' happens in caves, man. Water only goes uphill in poltergeist movies & sometimes under very strange coincidences.
Posted by [El Burro] @ 10:51 AM EST, 02.15.01
Peter Andersen said....
Here are a couple of suggestions, from web trolling:

- Actually it is not that uncommon of an event. Each cube tray is surroundeded by cold air from above and beneath, which causes the ice to form around the pereimeter of the cube. As the water goes from liquid to a solid form it expands forcing the water in the middle through the thinnest layer of ice (heat rises)at the top from there capillary action takes over the outer layer solidifies, the core remains liquid and continues to rise. It is a sort of cold volcano, only water spurts out instead of magma.

- Moist air circulating in your freezer caused the ice to crystalize upward similar to the formation of a stalagtite.

- Ice Crystals, apparently you have hard water in your community and the minerals form crystals. Look at the rest of the cubes, they have a lot of white crystal formation in them. Now crystals do a lot of things that seem weird, one of which is this sort of formation. It is very rare that it rise to that height, but has been know to happen. The minerals in your hard water started making trianglar shape and then kept going as the water started to freeze the minerals wicked the moisture upwards even further. I also noticed the amount of accumulated frost on the sides of your freezer, evidence of the moist conditions of your freezer over time. There are sulfur caves like Lecha Geeya (sp?) that have similar formations that seemed mysterious to its early explorers as well. Solution, if you don't want freaky looking ice buy a better freezer, or buy a water filter and get the minerals out of your hard water.

Now you get to play Hollywood Squares - true or false?

Posted by [Peter Andersen] @ 12:35 AM EST, 02.15.01
PhotoDude said....
Mr. Andersen, thank you for offering your well thought out theories. However, there is a basic flaw in everyone's "middle cools different, causes spike" theory. None of these have ever originated in the center of the cube. In fact, they seem to like to start just inside the edge of the cube. Note the picture above ... all four are far from center.

Moist air circulating, and the hardness of water seem valid possibilities, although I haven't noticed our water being hard. I think it's going to take further collection of evidence.

And, El Burro, he of the "Rain In My Freezer" solution, you need to lay off the mescal.

Posted by [PhotoDude] @ 09:59 AM EST, 02.16.01
Ordered Chaos said....
As one of the proponents of "middle cools different, causes spike" theory, I would like to clarify (at least in my case) that "middle" does not refer to the "center of the cube", "middle" only refers to the water which is not directly exposed to the air.
Posted by [Ordered Chaos] @ 02:16 PM EST, 02.20.01
PhotoDude said....
Thank you for that clarification, Mr. President, um, I mean, Mr. Chaos.

Seriously, your point is taken. Testing will proceed shortly.

Posted by [PhotoDude] @ 02:03 PM EST, 02.21.01

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