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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
Opening Ceremonies....the First Half
As the first half continued, more things occurred that I didn't fully understand, but which made me very photo-happy. No, there was no method to my madness, I was just alternately watching and shooting anything that caught my attention. Needless to say, I was busy, as my sensory nerves were given the workout of their lifetime.

26k-pixiesThis portion of the show did seem to make sense to me. I thought the butterflies, and the one white *phoenix-like* creature, all overrun by those sinister characters with the machines and huge dirty drop cloth, represented Atlanta, destroyed by the Civil War, and rising *phoenix-like* afterwards. I'm sure once I get to view the videotape, I'll be overruled, but until then, that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Next came the easy target of the ceremonies for critics looking for evidence of The Bubba Games. But if you don't think of the South when you see pick-up trucks and football cheerleaders, then either you're not from here, or you've been away far too long.


And take it from a Southerner....no self respecting redneck would drive a chrome pick-up truck, especially without a gun rack. But that fancy back seat and spotlight would be mighty handy for deer huntin'....

On a more serious note, there are no words for the picture below. It was a magical scene that stands all on its own....

16k-greek shadows
In general, the event kept me on the edge of sensory overload, what with the spectatin', and the shootin', nevermind the audience participation. It made me proud to be an Atlantan.....and that was just the first half....

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