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The site below was placed online in July & August, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form
Beach Volleyball....the Men
My Olympic *luck* continued, because on this day of prelimary rounds, I got to see both of the teams that would play for the gold....both American.
20k-Whitmarsh & Dodd 12k-Whitmarsh & Dodd

First up, eventual silver medal winners Mike Dodd and Mike Whitmarsh. Mr. Dodd is a year older than me, and, well, doesn't look at all like your typical athlete. But he's made millions at this profession, so what do I know?
15k-Whitmarsh & Dodd 19k-Whitmarsh, Dodd, & daughter

This event was charged by the fact it's the first run for the gold, and the crowd, the competitors, and even Mike Dodd's little girl made sure to take a few minutes to savor and celebrate the victory.
19k-Karch Kiraly

Finally, it was the US team of Ken Steffes and Karch Kiraly, who is this sport's Michael Jordan. They went undefeated through this first Olympic medal race, and will forever be in the record books as the first gold medal winners. Even for someone so uninitiated to the sport, it was obvious they were Olympic caliber athletes. 18k-Karch Kiraly

Although I had a good time most everywhere I went, this was one of my favorite Olympic experiences, sports-wise. Major league levels of enthusiasm, on court and off, and a rock 'n roll attitude, right down to the P.A. system. The Atlanta Beach venue is currently the only permanent beach volleyball venue in the world, so take advantage of it, if you get the chance!

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