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This page is no longer maintained. Whatever is new, you'll find on the home page

Since PhotoDude.com went online in January, 1997, I've added sections in dribs and drabs. This is a list of things that have been added or changed, with the newest additions listed first, the oldest last:

  • A complete site redesign has been completed, with a faster loading interface, and a new look for the Web Log.
  • My web log, and Pixel Pile have been successfully moved from Blogger to Greymatter, with all of its fine features. Gains for you, less pains for me.
  • My Digital Year; Palms, Cells, Cams & Blogs [December 30, '00] - A Neanderthal looks back with jaw drooping.
  • Fat Lady Sings; Court Asked to Stop Her [December 13, '00], my wrap up piece on Electile Dysfunction 2000.
  • Pixel Pile has been added to my web log, offering a daily collection of the pixels I shake out of my Nikon 990.
  • Tortured by Beta Browsers [August 8, '00] in which I whine about two new preview releases, Netscape 6.0 PR2, and Mozilla M17.
  • From blogger.com: "A weblog, or blog, is a (usually, personal) increasingly popular form of web page containing a collection of links peppered with commentary and observations." I always figured doing a web log would be a Time Sucking Vortex, but I was wrong (go to blogger.com to find out how). Now I can collect the thoughts from random neurons that fire as I surf the web, then inflict them on others in PhotoDude's Web Log!
  • Citizens of Me-Ville: the Special People [July 23, '00] "Their time is more important than yours. After all, they're Special. They're from Me-ville, where the whole world revolves around them."
  • As we approach the 2000 Games, I've prepared a Retrospective Essay: The Olympics, 4 years later [July 15, '00] as well as a page of unsolicited advice for anyone from the Sydney area who might be toying with the idea of building an Olympic diary online.
  • What's new? The entire site! On July 4th, I celebrated my independence by launching an entirely revamped PhotoDude.com. You can read a bit about it in the new Attitudes section, in the article Goin' Down to the Crossroads, to get my Redesign.
  • A Tale of Two Nests is fairly self explanatory. A few snapshots of new life, for the fun of it.
  • How You Got Where You Went Today. Ever wonder exactly what the machines might look like that keep your e-mail, or serve you web pages? Take a Road Trip down the Information Superhighway.
  • After 18 months (about 6 Internet Years), I decided it was high time to revamp PhotoDude Web Design.
  • Yet another Holiday Greeting from PhotoDude Labs (may take 30 seconds to fully load).
  • I've added nine shots of Mono Lake, with its famous other-worldly tufa formations.
  • It was a bit early for Independence Day, but check out Lady Liberty .
  • Not long ago, I had an anniversary (Flash required).
  • This page might as well be entitled PhotoDude Tilts at Windmills. But if you are someone who has placed your copyrighted works on the Web, you should take a minute to read this, and find out how you can protect them from this "service."
  • Sometimes creative demons make us do strange things for no apparent reason. Like build a Java Graphic Interface that does little and takes you nowhere. Or create an entire navigation interface inspired by a the design of a pack of Winston cigarettes.
  • I've made much improved scans of my images of Yosemite, as well as add new ones (16 images, on two pages).
  • On July 19, 1998, there was a hellacious lightning storm in Atlanta, and I stepped out onto my balcony to get these six shots.
  • Red Rock Road Trip is a huge addition to my site, both in size and in style. It's a photo safari to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Antelope Canyon, with over a hundred photos spread over a dozen pages.
  • I've recently been experimenting with creating 3D web graphics in Bryce 2.0. There are three examples online.
  • My Gallery has grown with the addition of Bryce Worlds, and my initial attempts to create "3D" worlds with Bryce 2.0.
  • Also in the Gallery, Digital Inventions, where you can see samples of me stumbling into the world of digital imaging.
  • In the Places section of my Portfolio, I've added images from Bodie, a ghost town in California, and The Valley of Fire, outside of Las Vegas.


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