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This site, my first, was placed online April 14, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form to keep me humble.

Fuji's Feline Tour: My home & the Photodude I let live with me....

Hi! My name is Fuji, an Atlanta manx with a tail, although it offends me greatly at times. I live in a third floor condo, and there's this human who calls himself "Reid" that I allow to stay here. I think of him as "PhotoDude." I find that his opposable thumb comes in handy with those pesky food containers, so until I evolve into a higher life form, I must put up with his strange habits. Like his daily immersion in the water torture device....he knows when he steps in that big slippery white bowl, he's gonna get soaked, but he does it again and again.

But his most annoying trait is his habit of pointing strange black boxes at me, which whir and click and blind me with flashes of sunlight. Just when I get nicely curled up in the laundry basket, here he comes, whirring and clicking and flashing until a kitty can hardly sleep! How am I supposed to get my daily 18 hours of beauty rest around that? Take a look below, you'll see what I mean....

12k-Laundry Fuji

The Photodude I let live with me....

8k-Spoiled Fuji

Pictures he takes to finance my lavish lifestyle....

12k-Fuji in photogear

Pictures he takes for fun, instead of playing with me....

5k-Screamin' Fuji

The time he abandoned me to go to Yosemite....


Questions? Comments? Wanna have a CAT for an e-mail pal?

9k-Halloween 7k-Playful Fuji

My favorite link....and a few of Photodude's, too....

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These pages were designed primarily for Netscape 2.0, and secondarily for Internet Explorer 2.0 (only because Bill Gates was kind enough to put it on my hard drive). If you're using one of those online service's browsers, you have problems I can't solve. All images were scanned on a Polaroid Sprintscan belonging to Charlie McCullers, who also gets credit for my Death Valley portrait (someday, I hope I'm able to make his name turn blue on this page) [NOTE: 3.5 years later, I did. In fact, I built the site.]
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