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This site, my first, was placed online April 14, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form to keep me humble.
12k-Laundry Fuji

The PhotoDude I let live with me....

There I was at the Atlanta Humane Society, the runt of the litter, my four siblings gone to new homes, when along comes this guy who calls himself "Reid." He was there doing some kind of charity photography, and even as a youngster, I could spot a sucker a mile away. When he picked me up I did the endearing kitten routine, all three acts, and he had the audacity to put me back in my cage, like there was a need to look at the other kittens. I put a quick stop to that by snagging the bill of his hat with my claws. As I hung from his head, he seemed to get the message, and took me home. And I began the long process of training my human....
10k-Current Reid 22k-Old Reid

To see Reid in Heaven & Hell, CLICK HERE.

Pictures he takes to finance my lavish lifestyle....
Pictures he takes for fun, instead of playing with me....
The time he abandoned me to go to Yosemite....
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