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This site, my first, was placed online April 14, 1996, and has largely been left in its original form to keep me humble.
6k-Playful Fuji

Wanna have a CAT as an e-mail pal?

.....well, good luck finding one. The only correspondence I accept is large chunks of turkey placed directly in front of me. However, if you have comments about this page, need an address to send me turkey, or have questions about how to hire my human (he won't accept turkey.....the silly human prefers cash), PhotoDude actually seems to enjoy e-mail correspondence. Direct your electrons to.....


The Photodude I let live with me....
Pictures he takes to finance my lavish lifestyle....
Pictures he takes for fun, instead of playing with me....
The time he abandoned me to go to Yosemite....
My favorite link....and a few of Photodude's, too....
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