October 19, 2005

Jason’s patented bow-legged saunter through the racks
Well, it’s not quite a photograph of a “CEO strutting past server racks,” but it’s dangerously close.

October 13, 2005

MySpace hacked: samy is my hero.
“Oh wait, it’s exponential, isn’t it. Shit.” This is too funny. Hack some social software and get 1 million new friends!

September 20, 2005

TextDrive Gives Urchin the Finger
“The response of the TextDrive community has been fascinating to watch. Rather than looking to Urchin’s competition for a solution, they’ve decided to become Urchin’s competition.”

September 18, 2005

Building the Urchin Killer?
When you ignore some customers, they may decide to try and build you some competition.

September 15, 2005

24FightingChickens: The Secret Order of the ^v^
Welcome back to the web, 24FC. Don’t be a chicken, be a man and turn on your comments. Make your own Usenet.

August 23, 2005

GoogleOS? YahooOS? MozillaOS? WebOS?
The Future via Kottke. It’s an evolution of the First Web Miracle, PC and Mac users being able to read the same document. But now we’re talking applications

August 15, 2005

Free Wi-Fi? Get Ready for GoogleNet.
Isn’t this how the movie Terminator began, except it was called “SkyNet”?

June 17, 2005

Contest gets the lowdown on what makes readers forward links
“The Contagious Media Showdown sought who could create the most popular Web site in 22 days. While winners such as Forget-Me-Not Panties seem obvious now -- their winning strategies are not”

June 02, 2005

Back when Matt LaPrairie owned this domain, EarthLink sucked. But apparently, now that Diane Carroll owns it, the site’s become a shill for the company (complete with branding). More corporate search engine subversion.

April 03, 2005

Spring break gone wild
“In this digital age, everyone’s a potential amateur pornographer poised to turn a few seconds of immaturity into a lifetime of Web-based infamy.”

March 13, 2005


March 12, 2005

The Online Coalition :: Letter to the FEC
“we ... request that the FEC promulgate a rule exempting unpaid political activity on the Internet from regulation, thereby guaranteeing every Americanís right to speak freely and participate in our democratic process.”

February 26, 2005

Spam Huntress: Verio’s server still full of spam
As I said, “Do not use Verio, they harbor one of the biggest spammers on the web, and appear unable or unwilling to do anything about it”

November 26, 2004

EPIC 2014
A very entertaining and somewhat scary eight minutes ... from the future

November 21, 2004

The Tech-Support Generation
“Next week, on our annual pilgrimage home, we’ll turn our Web-trained minds and joystick-conditioned fingers to the task of rescuing our parents from bleeding-edge technology on the blink.”

November 09, 2004

Firefox 1.0 is released
If you’re still using Internet Explorer, in terms of both features and security, you’re driving the Corvair of web browsers

October 19, 2004

TextDrive Forum / How many forum members does it take to screw in a light bulb?
2 industry professionals to inform the group that the proper term is ‘lamp’

September 12, 2004


August 24, 2004

Google is nuts. Over a million sites returned, and I’m number two?!? [cached screenshot]
I haven’t even endorsed the guy! I’ve been Google-framed!

August 17, 2004

“It looks like Earthlink has hired performance artists to staff its live online help department”
I wave a dead chicken over my DSL modem every night, in hopes of avoiding Earthstink tech support

July 09, 2004

Not what you’d expect; it’s the 2 year old personal site of a man named Kerry Edwards.

July 01, 2004

TextDrive adds a very sweet $12/month plan
300mb of space, 3 GB of bandwidth/mo., 6 MySQL databases, to host up to 3 domains. Plus all the standard TextDrive GoodStuff.
South Korea blocks Internet access to some weblogs
“Affected are thousands of netizens who use and read blogspot.com, blogger.com, blogs.com and typepad.com, among other sites”

June 23, 2004

Getting More Out Of Gmail
“a collection of programs, sites, and information that will allow you to get more out of Gmail”

June 22, 2004

Gmail 4 Troops.com
Google has ramped up the invitations, so give ‘em to a good cause
Cory Doctorow talks to Microsoft about Digital Rights Management
“I spend about three weeks a month on the road doing completely weird stuff like going to Microsoft to talk about DRM”

May 18, 2004

Popup Screenshot: Googlespike, from the Googlelanche
I’ll likely never see a traffic spike like that again

May 14, 2004

More tales of The Googlelanche: Backcountry Conservative, Outside the Beltway, Single Southern Guy, Brain Shavings
Looks like a lot of people, myself included, may be over on bandwidth for May

May 01, 2004

mozDex: An Open Source Search Engine, with a really bad logo
“mozDex uses open source search technologies to create an open and fair index”

April 30, 2004

“file sharing is hurting the worldwide war on terrorism”
At least, when soldiers do it and hog their unit’s bandwidth

April 16, 2004


April 10, 2004

“The only way Gmail could be less accessible is if the entire site were built in Flash.”
Mark Pilgrim reviews the code behind Google’s new mail service

April 06, 2004

The Secret Source of Google’s Power
“Google is a company that has built a single very large, custom computer”


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