October 28, 2005

Rep. Cynthia McKinney Fined $33,000 by FEC
In the 2002, she collected over $100,000 in “excessive” contributions, most of it collected for the general election ... after she’d lost the primary! Reimbursement plus the fine means her 2006 campaign starts with 6 figures of debt.

October 08, 2005

A New Orleans jazz funeral in Atlanta
“A jazz funeral, rooted in the Big Easy and born of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, arrived on Courtland Avenue, with hundreds of mourners popping their umbrellas in cadence to celebrate an icon who had barely begun a transplanted life here.”

September 16, 2005

Leaving New Orleans
Hundreds of evacuees have landed in Atlanta. Three share their stories.

July 09, 2005

Courthouse review cites lying, apathy
“The investigators document a pattern of incompetence, lying, absenteeism, lax security and failed leadership” ... The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department deserves nothing less than disbandment

July 03, 2005

6.2 Miles of Aisle
Atlanta not only has a Runaway Bride, we’ve got a Running Bride (but she’ll leave the starting line pre-hitched)

May 28, 2005

“I would still like to go ... but I’m scared to go back to the airport.”
It’s not a fear of flying, or terrorism. It’s a fear of the Atlanta Police, who’ve arrested (and even body slammed) three women recently, claiming they were all violent. If you see a cop at the Atlanta airport, assume the worst, because they are living up to it.

May 26, 2005

Gwinnet DA Danny Porter is the Real Runaway
A year after an inmate died “handcuffed behind his back, bound at the feet, held down by five or six burly deputies and pleading for his life while being Tased repeatedly” (all on video) there’s no charges ... but Jennifer got slapped with a felony in 4 weeks

May 24, 2005

Atlanta Courthouse shooting causes staff to bail from DA’s office
“In three months, District Attorney Paul Howard is losing almost 12 percent of his 42 investigators and 102 prosecutors”

May 14, 2005

Only In America: Jennifer’s High Tailin’ Hot Sauce
“Bring Jennifer home to your house for that Spicy and Uncertain feeling that only she can bring.”

April 17, 2005

“Sheriff’s security panel ‘a mess’” ... or a coverup
“At least half of the people chosen to sit on Fulton County Sheriff Myron Freeman’s task force on courthouse security didn’t know they had been chosen. The other half are still confused about what they’re supposed to do”

April 03, 2005

Banishment, alive and well in Georgia
“The judges banished offenders from all counties in Georgia except one - and that one county would be the farthest away”

March 31, 2005

“National Review Is Coming to Atlanta!”
Pay $500 to see Jonah Goldberg and Co.? Why? Do you at least get a surplus Pentagon hammer for that?

March 23, 2005

Georgia Legislature Passes Critical Bill
They made sparklers legal in Georgia. It took them two attempts. Then they took a nap

March 18, 2005

‘Chaos’ reigned outside the courthouse, Suspect hopped train as officers swarm
“MARTA police said about half of the 15 officers he had downtown went to the courthouse at the request of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department” ... while Nichols hopped a getaway train

March 17, 2005

Police: Nichols took 5 cars in 15 minutes
First he headed towards the Five Points MARTA station, but when cops showed up at the first parking deck, he reversed back towards the Georgia Dome MARTA station

March 16, 2005

“Choosing Our Customers”
They make primo burgers, and give great attitude: “If you want the wait staff to babysit your kid while you suck down a beer, try the place with the singing rat robots” (plus lots more)

March 15, 2005


December 18, 2004

The man under the bridge (reg. req’d)
A wonderful story about what an 11 year old girl can do: “She reached out to a man she noticed from a bus, and that man doesn’t live under a bridge anymore”

August 10, 2004

KSL-TV News: $30,000 Missing from Operation Give
The ugly media coverage begins, with more sure to follow

July 30, 2004

J.B. Stoner: An old bigot wastes away
“avowed segregationist Georgia Gov. Lester Maddox refused to share a stage with Stoner, saying he was too extreme”

July 21, 2004

“Elect Catherine Davis US Congress GA 4th District”
Well, I reckon it’s time to look at my last remaining McKinney alternative

June 25, 2004


June 24, 2004

Atlanta station 99X mocks children with disabilities
“But again, it was only a small smattering of people who complained” ... only a small smattering are unfeeling jerks-for-profit, too

May 21, 2004

Atlanta Gas Prices
They currently show a 31 cent per gallon range, from $1.74 to $2.05 for regular

May 19, 2004

The amazing story of 86 year old Braves photographer Walter Victor (reg. req’d)
Victor served 33 months in combat, receiving eight combat stars and two Bronze Stars ... He took part in every major allied landing in the European Theater, in North Africa, Sicily and Normandy, landing at Utah Beach on D-Day.

May 08, 2004

The 140th Anniversary Battle of Resaca Reenactment, May 15-16
I’ve been to two of these, and it is ‘put on for reenactors by reenactors’

April 28, 2004

Photos: The Urban Wilds of Atlanta, GA
Photographer David Murphy gives tips on the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area

April 21, 2004

Atlanta, We’re Number One!
Being ranked the #1 Spring Allergy Capital in the US is nothing to sneeze at!

April 17, 2004

AJC.com s response to complaints about intrusive registration questions: “we don’t feel compelled to apologize”
Of course, you’ll have to register to read their response to your complaint about having to register

April 14, 2004

AJC Election Blog: silent for six weeks, but the election isn’t over
How’s that for Journalistic Blog Commitment? It’s dumped from my blogroll.

March 28, 2004

Cynthia McKinney sounds like she’s trying to run against George Bush for the Georgia 4th District seat
Not a peep about her actual opponent, Denise Majette, who mopped the floor with her two years ago

March 09, 2004

How many new bills has the Georgia Legislature passed in a month of business days? One.
Too busy worrying about gay marriage to do their jobs, I guess


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